Klezmers & Muzikantn:

Samantha Goldberg – Flute, Xylophone.  Samantha Goldberg, wandering Jewsician is passionate about spreading Yiddish music to all corners of the earth, and bringing together players to help her on this mission.  As a multi-instrumentalist, her choice to play flute in this ensemble is to honor the early days of klezmer and bring back the haunting sound of the pipes and the hopeful sounds of nature.  Samantha creates live music multi-media presentations on Jewish culture, traditions and history, leads educational programs and directs community bands in the Klezmer style.   She has worked with the Lanier middle school band and the Austin klezmer bund.

Dylan M. Blackthorn – Accordion, Voice, Misc. Foley. Dylan M. Blackthorn is a singer/songwriter & accordion-based composer.  Traditional Yiddish music and culture is an interest he has studied since 2005, traveling the world with Samantha Goldberg.  He has chosen to be bearer of what is known as the klezmer musical tradition, which he considers to be a responsibility of his profession.  Dylan also plays with Goblinfolk ensemble THAT Damned Band, 999 EYES Freakshow & Surreal Sideshow, Gary Lindsey & the Pleasure Tide, and is a part-time goblin in thee Hobo Gobbelins.

David Gilden – Trumpet.  David Gilden is a professor at UT, teaching the Psychology of Music.  David has been studying Yiddish music for many years. David plays in Wino Vino, Huertaculture, and various jazz projects in Austin, Texas.

Ethan A. Smith – Fidl, piano.  Ethan has a strong background as a Texas Fiddler & Texas fiddle competition judge & teaches fiddle, violin, piano, & music theory in central Texas.  Ethan has attended klezkamp and studied with Deborah Strauss and Cookie Siegelstien.

Ben Saffer – Clainet.  Formerly of the Rubinchicks, Ben Saffer has a strong background in klezmer music & trad. jazz.  He also plays Banjo with THAT Damned Band, saxophone & clarinet with a variety of jazz projects.

David Ansel – Tsimbal.  The famous Soup Peddler also leads the South Austin Selah ensemble & is rumored to be the only professional Tsimbalist in central Texas.

Jennifer Marshall – Fidl.

Steven Polunsky – Poyg.   Popular in Austin bands, his boisterous klezmer drumming has been compared favorably to “a hound dog hitting its head against a wooden fence.”

Svetlana Saenger – Voice.  A versatile folk singer from Belarus, Svetlana is known as the Red Rose of Texas.  She sings in Yiddish, Hebrew, Belarusian, Russian, and a little English.

Special guests, from time to time:

Kronk (Sick) – Fidl, Guitar; Mark Rubin – Tuba, Tenor Guitar, Baritone; Mike Gray – Percussion, Go Box.